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Chalo, the Hindi word for Go, is a short-term exposure and service experience in the city of Saskatoon.

Our Chalo program is hosted in a beautifully diverse neighbourhood of Saskatoon. This neighbourhood of ten apartment buildings is home to people from over 23 different nations and over 350 children under the age of 16. It is truly a small united nations right here in Saskatoon. Our Chalo participants are invited to spend some time in this neighbourhood – volunteering with our weekly kids programs and , understanding the issues and world situation that has brought some of our refugee neighbours to Saskatoon, and discovering the beauty and richness of culture and people. 

What's the cost?
Chalo costs will vary according to your length of time, approximately $30-35/ day / person.

This cost will cover food, accomodation, and public transportation in Saskatoon. You are responsible for your recreation, and any transportation to and from Saskatoon.

What will we do?
Depending on the amount of days you are with us and time of the year, you could be involved in any of the following:

  • Help with the English as an Additional Language classes at the local elementary school
  • Assist with English classes for refugee people
  • Explore the downtown area through a role-playing scenario
  • Help lead our weekly Kids Club Program and participate in various service activities in the neighbourhood (hosting carnivals, shoveling snow, raking leaves, cleaning apartments, etc.)
  • Random acts of kindness in different communities around Saskatoon
  • Participate in a host of cultural activities (Afghani making, African dance, Pakistani cooking, etc.)

Everyday we will join together to talk about and reflect on the different experiences of the day.

We will join together to wrestle through what these days mean to our lives, relationships, and Christian walk by journaling, talking, worship, and bible study. 

For more information contact Kaytee Edwards.