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Material Resources

Material Resources are the items MCCS collects and ships overseas as humanitarian aid. Helping provide hope and comfort to those who need it, in the Name of Christ.

October 2013 MCCS Kits Shipment

MCCS could not accomplish this without volunteers and donations.

Complete Kit List

Help us do our part by meeting the following commitments for 2013:

Blankets & Bedding 4000
AIDS Caregiver KIts upon request
Hygiene Kits 500
Infant Care Kits 500
Relief Kits 100
School Kits 1000
Sewing Kits 20









Material Resources that are collected here at the MCC Saskatchewan Centre include: hygiene kits, school kits, relief kits, infant care kits, sewing kits and blankets.

MR Kits poster

Thank you for your support.

Questions? Call the office at 665-2555 and ask for Del, or e-mail Del Lennea.


Last year (September 2010 to August 2011) the MCCS Material Resources centre processed the following gifts:


Blankets & Bedding 4300
AIDS Caregiver Kits 18
Hygiene Kits 555+
Infant Care Kits 400
Relief Kits 0
School KIts 950+
Sewing Kits 25